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KENYA - Kisii
In 2018, Westergren Smycken (Westergren Jewelry) started fundraising for three parishes in Kisii, Kenya. Visitors and members of the Christian churches often lack their own Bible. It may be that there are no means for purchasing a Bible or that it is simply difficult to find outlets or access them.
We collect Bibles, used as new, but also money gifts for those who want us to buy Bibles in their place and send to the pastors in Kenya. We also donate money and buy Bibles in English and Swahili, from different parts of the world, depending on what is most beneficial for the total price of Bibles and shipping. Most worship services are held in churches as a little playfully are called open air open air churches. That means there is no real building at all, people are sitting outdoors under trees listening to God's word!
The church in Kisii has besides usual worship services where you sing and praise the Lord, pray together and listen to the sermon, also activities for single mothers with children, who might often live in very difficult situations.
Pastor Margaret Kemunto is our contact person since 2016 and she lives in Kisii, Kenya. After exchanging prayer requests with each other for a couple of years, the idea of ​​sending Bibles in English and Swahili was born, as many people in Kenya can not afford to buy their own. There are also no Bibles available in the same way as in Sweden. Here you will find fine Bibles in Swedish in most second hand stores and flea markets, because unfortunately they are  not so requested. Then it is even more blessed to know that people really hunger for the word of God and what advantage to be able to help to distribute Bibles!
There is a thirst and hunger for the word of God among the members and visitors of the various Kisii parishes that Kemunto pastor visits and serves. The services attract a lot of people and one can only imagine how powerful the song of praise must sound when people sing and dance to God's glory!
Now the first reports begin to flow that Bibles are received! Pastor Kemunto wrote to us that tears ran down her cheeks with gratitude that she now can give Bibles to people who come to church. Both Bible Scriptures for adults and also Children's Bible for children, as well as other literature about Jesus, adapted specifically for young children. God's ways are mysterious and we have experienced this when we struggled to reduce shipping costs. Not by chance, but through the Lord's guidance and grace, we got in touch with a pastor in England, who sometimes visits the parishes n Kenya. So it became much cheaper to order Bibles online and get them transported to the pastor in England, who then went to Kenya with the Bibles! Bibles can be found at more favorable prices especially when buying larger quantities, but shipping is always the most expensive cost.
Through a Dutch supplier online called CityBibles, we have also had the opportunity to order Bibles, that are then picked out from warehouses in Kenya itself, so shipping is only in Kenya. 
KENYA - Kitale 
In Kitale we have contact with Pastor Peter Kuyuni from Salvation To Nations. We collect, buy and send Bibles to the parishes there. Pastor Kuyuni has started five different parishes, church planting as we call it, and is also involved in Hope's House Kenya. Even for these Bible deliveries, we are taking help of CityBibles in the Netherlands. In total, there are about 500 members in the parishes and estimatedly, over 300 members lack their own Bible, since people can be very poor. We want a change! Maybe with your help?
KENYA Webuye - UGANDA Mbale
In Webuye in western Kenya we have contact with apostle Dan Wanyonui, who works in the GWUM God With Us Ministry . They have churches in Kenya and in Uganda, Mbale, just west of Kenya and Uganda's borders. The four parishes have between 100-200 members each. Many of the church members do not have their own Bibles.

PAKISTAN - Faisalabad


In Pakistan we have contact with an evangelist, Pastor Chand Rafiq. In the area he works in and gets by on his moped to preach in villages, poverty is striking. Even children may work in a brick factory together with adults and living conditions are very different from Sweden.
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Nor is it obvious that people dare openly be Christians in a country where about 95-97% of the population are Muslims. Christians are in minority and it is difficult for families to fund buying a Bible. We want to help and send Bibles to them, yet we have not gotten the correct contacts. We can not send Bibles in English, for example, the children can not speak English. The Bibles must be in Urdu or Punjabi. We are grateful for tips and assistance regarding contacts with companies, parishes, publishers, associations, individuals who may have the right contacts or want to donate money so that the pastors in Faisalabad can themselves purchase Bibels for their assembly. 
In Nigeria we have contact with the pastor's couple Mr. Chukwudi Amaechi and Mrs Josephine Amaechi. It is difficult to find suppliers who ship goods to Nigeria, since it has obviously been very problematic with deliveries there. So we have contacted Laterna, a bookstore in Nigeria and hope for good cooperation.