Westergren jewelry - Christian jewelry, necklaces and cross pendants

We have a Christian profile on our jewelry and  we call them Christian jewelry and we specialized in beautiful crosses. We have a wide range of cross necklaces, beaded necklaces with tags with messages, necklaces with cross pendants and other Christian attributes, bracelets with cross charms and other charms, earrings, rings, etc. However, we also have a wider range of jewelry without clear Christian symbols, but of course, these jewelry are also made by prayer and praise. :) In our webshop you will find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and some other jewelry as key rings, ornaments, pendants etc.
Westergren Jewelery was founded as a non-profit organisation in the summer of 2016 by Christian initiators. Due to changes in the Board in January 2017, the Board and corporate number and association were subsequently unregistered. Westergren Jewelry was then chosen to be pursued privately, ideally and was allowed to retain the name.
The Christian arrangement, however, remains unchanged. Due to being a non-profit organisation, the telephone subscription has been terminated to save costs.
Our goal is to provide a portion of the proceeds from Christian jewelry for charity purposes. For decades, we have privately supported organizations such as Unicef, Rädda barnen, Läkare utan gränser, Amnesty, Cancerfonen, Lutherhjälpen, LP Kontakten, Elida sailing for Jesus etc. Our ambition is to provide contributions to well-chosen organizations and associations that work to provide vulnerable people with a better life. We are passionate about Jesus and also want to help our neighbor. Our aim is also when you are looking for a beautiful cross to yourself or someone dear, you can trust that Westergren Jewelry has a wide range of just exclusive beautiful crosses!
Production takes place in the beautiful south part of Sweden called Halland and we get our inspiration from the roaring sea, Swedish nature and rendez-vous with different people. Every new meeting with a person, every new thought or sentence can result in a new piece of jewelry. We like to mix old and new, partly mixing different styles and patterns, but also different metals in the same jewelry. We are not afraid to mix, for example, light silver, bronze and copper in the same piece of jewelry. There are of course traditional stylish jewelry for those who like it. People are different and we hope our jewelry reflects the diversity of society in Sweden.
The majority of our jewelry is in their final design made by us. There are some exceptions when we let vintage jewelry keep its character unchanged in order not to affect its value and originality. Vintage refers to jewelry that is at least 20 years old. Younger used jewelry or jewelry parts we call second hand and new unused jewelry or parts are of course modern.  
We can also customize Christian jewelry on request. Contact us and let us know your desires. We also collaborate with the International Missionary Ministry in Varberg.
A project we are engaged in is sending Bibles to people in other countries. There are Christian believers who can not afford to buy a Bible or it may be difficult to get a Bible in their own language, even if you have money. If this matter touches your heart, feel free to contact us if you wisht to contribute in any way! We are also grateful for your prayers regarding this.
God bless!