Vintage costume jewelry

We re-use vintage costume jewelry and are interested in their history also, makers marks, hallmarks, history, location etc. It can take hours, days, weeks or even months to solve a mystery mark on a vintage piece of jewelry. And some mysteries remain unsolved and as annoying it can be, it is also part of the attraction to the past. Not to know everything in detail and be able to use one's own imagination once in a while also...
We look for costume jewelry lots worldwide and have of course a soft spot especially for crosses and crucifixies. Bead hunting is also an adventure and there are endless options on line to find beautiful exotic and different beads worldwide. The handcraft is admirable and the technique and inspiration the beaders must possess. 

Are you a blogger?

If you have a blog or website about vintage costume jewelry and want to add your link to our site (and vice versa), you are most welcome to contact us! Perhaps we might even help each other out with the unsolved mysteries! Or exchange beads, who knows... It is marvellous how small and tiny our planet can be, with all new technology we can use for our benefit. One click and somebody on the other side of the world can get a message and piles of pictures of beads or hallmarks or jewelries. 
So, if you are also a beader or interested in sharing your blog with us, we can link to each other's websites and fill out each others blanks!
Hallmarks and makers marks are so interested to dig in and let the piece of jewelry speak about passed times! We use several sites on the net about costume jewelry history but also good old fashioned books about silversmiths and marks, designers etc. If you have a site about hallmarks or makers marks or general information about vintage jewelry, costume jewelry, or icons, crosses etc we would really be interested in having your link at our side as well! That would benefit all of us who are the slightest bit of nerds about stamps, marks, figures on old pieces. 
God bless and have a wonderful day!
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